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Don Pomeroy for NC House

"As your representative, and leveraging my 30+ years of business, financial and volunteer experience, my focus would be on expanding North Carolina’s economic prosperity, job growth, and pro-business, pro-entrepreneurship atmosphere. "

About Don

  • Grateful husband to Cindy for over thirty years
  • Father to two grown sons
  • Charlottean for nearly 20 years
  • Retired C-suite business executive
  • Former “Big 4” C.P.A.
  • Former instructor at Queens University, current guest instructor at UNC School of Law
  • Fiscal conservative and free enterprise champion

As your state house representative, and leveraging his 30+ years of business, financial and volunteer experience, Don’s focus will be on expanding North Carolina’s economic prosperity, job growth, and pro-business, pro-entrepreneurship atmosphere. First as a C.P.A. in a “Big 4” accounting firm and then as a C-suite executive in two of North Carolina’s largest manufacturing companies, Don learned what it takes to create favorable environments for businesses, employees, customers, suppliers and communities to create ecosystems that bring success and prosperity for everyone involved. By leveraging his experience, Don will ensure North Carolina’s economy is strong, helps lift businesses big and small, and creates jobs and opportunity for all North Carolinians.

Don’s career includes decades of experience successfully undertaking large, complex, sometimes international strategic business projects as well as carefully managing day-to-day details of operations and business finances. His background will serve you well when addressing the challenges and harnessing the opportunities facing Charlotte and North Carolina.

“I believe our state, and our government at all levels, is in desperate need of sound leadership. I am running so you will have a trustworthy representative on whom you can depend, and a representative that will listen and advocate for you, your interests, and your values in Raleigh.”

Don has been married over thirty years to Cindy.  They have two grown sons and a daughter-in-law.


Business, the Economy and Job Creation

  • Don’s business career has given him three decades of experience on the receiving end of government tax policy, regulations, added costs to conduct business, and sometimes hostile business environments.
  • Don supports the continued reduction in state corporate tax rates.
  • He will reduce unnecessary regulations and drags on business to fuel N.C.’s economic engine and stimulate economic growth and job creation.


  • A silver bullet to upward mobility and achieving the American dream.
  • Schools and universities should teach how to think, not what to think. If parents should not be collaborating with educators regarding their childrens’ education, who should be? The recent uptick in parental and community involvement should be heralded. The more parental involvement, the better.
  • Public education is our largest state spending category — ~60% of the annual budget. We need to balance increased spending as the student population grows with preventing per pupil spending from growing out of control. This money, your money, needs to be spent effectively for students’ benefit.

Lower Taxes, Balanced Budgets and Prudent Spending

  • N.C. should continue to lead the way to lower tax rates. No state ever taxed its way to prosperity.
  • At work and at home, you have to budget and are expected to be more productive, find more value, and do more with less every day. Your N.C. government should do the same with your money.
  • Don will protect N.C.’s AAA credit rating.

A Voice for Charlotte in the Legislature

  • Don will advocate for Charlotte residents in Raleigh to ensure we have the resources needed to keep pace with the rapid growth that is all around us. Charlotte needs a representative who will fight every day to bring resources home to help meet transportation, education, infrastructure, and public safety needs.

Public Safety and Law Enforcement

  • Don supports law enforcement and public safety officers across N.C. He believes they should have the funding, tools, and training needed to protect and serve the public and return home safely to their families every day.

Constitutional Rights

  • The N.C. and U.S. Constitutions document your God-given rights. Don will protect your rights from government overreach.


  • Don will foster transparent, constructive government, devoid of rancor and hostility. He will ensure all North Carolinians have an equal, unfettered opportunity to fulfill their inalienable rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Don decided to run for office because he sees that our state, and our government at all levels, needs sound leadership. Don has the vision, the qualifications, and the leadership experience to make North Carolina the best state in the best country in the world.


Don is a retired business executive with 30 years of experience in finance, accounting, and leadership with a track-record of success and taking on the toughest challenges. His career took him to the four corners of the United States and the world. Don knows what it takes for N.C. businesses to compete globally, for good jobs to be created, and for entrepreneurs to thrive and achieve their dreams. He knows we need:

  • lower taxes,
  • modest regulations,
  • innovation and entrepreneurship catalysts,
  • modern and more transportation and infrastructure facilities,
  • world-class education institutions for young students as well as adult learners, and
  • beautiful places to live,

to power North Carolina businesses and our economy into the future.

Career, Education and Community Highlights

  • Career
    • Retired Chief Financial Officer at one of N.C.’s largest privately-held manufacturers
    • Former Chief Accounting Officer at a N.C. multi-national, publicly-traded manufacturer
    • Former Certified Public Accountant at a “Big 4” accounting, tax and consulting firm
    • UNC School of Law, guest instructor, 2017-current
    • Instructor, accounting, Queens University of Charlotte M.B.A. program, 2011-2014
  • Education
    • M.B.A., McColl School of Business, Queens University of Charlotte
    • B.S. Accounting, St. John Fisher College
    • Certified Professional Coach, executive coaching, by International Coach Academy
  • Community
    • N.C. Debt Affordability Advisory Committee, 2021-current
    • Institute for the Public Trust, prospective candidate seminar series, 2019-2020
    • Grass Roots North Carolina, director, officer and volunteer, 2008-2020
    • Bicycle Advisory Committee, City of Charlotte / Mecklenburg County, 2014-2015
    • Dore Academy (now John Crosland School) board member, 2009-2012
    • President, Myers Park High School IB Parent Advisory Council, 2008-2009
    • Eagle Scout, Boy Scouts of America

Contact Don

Please reach out anytime. If you have an issue you want to discuss or you want to support our campaign, you can reach us at:

Address: 112 S. Tryon Street, Suite 1200, Charlotte, NC 28284



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